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Welcome to the latest website dedicated to Islander sailboat owners. There are many web sites that try to accomplish similar, if not identical, goals. Check out the links page for our sister sites and other great boating info. Visit the Blog or Forum for more. But honestly a lot of action is in YouTube and Pinterest which ends up in Twitter:

I spun up this new IslanderSailboat website to keep the flame burning. I noticed that the main “islandersailboats” websites (.com and .ca) seem defunct now, which is sad.  Thank goodness for the Internet Archive Wayback Machine or all the knowledge would be totally lost!! Also the domains at .net, .org and .info have all been parked so no one can use them without paying a large fee to unpark them.

My intent with creating this site was to help preserve the vast store of information that was collected by web site managers before me. People like Jim Gravlyn, Brian Soderberg, Randall Marquis, Bob Everson, and Bert Vermeer!  Also a big thanks and shout out to mobilchuckje for all the photos on Flickr and Photobucket, they really helped me see my boat in a new way and inspired me to make this site!

I also want to grow that information, with your help. Do you have a story or article that other Islander owners might find useful? Would you like the opportunity to write and publish your own column? Have you written anything about your experiences that you would like to share? If you are interested in writing one article or a series of articles for the site, please contact me! I welcome all content.

Jack Jackson
May, 2015 – Present

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