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The button below will take you to the secure PayPal website where you can make a donation if you’re so inclined… Thank you!

I know it’s an ugly old button (#srsly PayPal, got time to throw a few bucks at a starving designer and get an update there?) but it’s safe and PayPal handles all the PCI and other complicated financial regulatory compliance stuff.  That’s a dirty and thankless (if profitable) job, so those accountants probably need a beer too…? I worked as a privacy officer once, and I’m glad people sacrifice themselves for the greater good of privacy, but it’s not something anyone does in their spare time when they could be sailing or dreaming about sailing! That’s why I let PayPal handle your personal information in a way that I never see it.

Need some donation ideas?  Did I mention beer? Ok, check out the table below or just donate a couple bucks to my domain and web hosting fees, or to my wife for the hours she spends looking for me in the evenings and weekends when I’m posting content on this site or out at boat learning and taking photos.

Boat Beer Tip to
Islander Sailboat
PayPal % PayPal Fee Tip to PayPal Tip Total?
Nuts & Bolts Glass $2.50 $0.75 +30% $1.05! $3.55
Shackle Meowler $5.00 $1.50 +30% $1.80! $6.80
Metal Polish Growler $10.00 $3.00 +30% $3.30! $13.30
Dock Line Pitcher $15.00 $4.50 +30% $4.80! $19.80
Rum! $25.00 $7.50 +30% $7.80! $32.80

Islander Sailboat also has a profile on Patreon, but I’m not very active there yet since I don’t have the time to make great videos like some other folks out there!

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